TKaraoke Songbook Site

The TKaraoke Songbook Site is a website that can control TKaraoke Free, TKaraokePro, and TKaraokePro2. Since it’s a web site, any device can use it including desktop computers, laptop computers, iPhones, Android Phones, iPad, and Android Tablets. The songbook site is located on

TKaraoke Songbook site running on an iPad

Setup Sound Effects

TKaraokePro supports using external plugins to enhance the music sound of the karaoke songs.

How to setup TKaraokePro to use VST Sound Effects

TKaraokeUSB on X32 Mixer

A recording of a real mini karaoke session. It was in a typical 2-car garage. Player: TKaraokeUSB, Mixer: Behringer X32, Speakers: Turbosound iQ12, Subwoofer: Turbosound iQ15B, Microphone: Sony M70. All effects are done on the X32 Mixer and TKaraokeUSB’s EQ feature. Audio is recorded using an iPhone.

Quick Scan Time

Even after a reboot, TKaraokeUSB can load up in 10 seconds even when you have large amount of songs like 87000 songs!