Voice Search on TKaraokeUSB

Advanced searching can be done on the Songbook App but voice search via the remote provides quick way to search for content in TKaraokeUsb. Voice search can find content on hard drive as well as YouTube.

Voice Search on Sony 4K TV 85x950G

Update TKaraokeUSB to the latest version

Updating TKaraokeUSB to the latest version is very simple. Just launch the Google Play Store app and select “My Apps” and then select TKaraokeUSB. You can optionally change the Google Play Store app’s setting to “auto update” so it will update to the latest version automatically after we release a new version of TKaraokeUSB.

Updating TKaraokeUSB to the latest version

Voice Searching YouTube Content

Starting with v1.1.97, you can voice search YouTube content via the remote control. Actually, it doesn’t matter if the search method is voice search or text search, as long as there is the word “YouTube” at the end of the query, TKaraokeUSB will search YouTube content instead of local hard drive content.

Demo Voice Searching YouTube

Playing Favorite Songs Randomly

Starting with TKaraokeUSB build 93, users can request to play their favorite songs randomly. Favorite songs Songbook -device-specific (i.e. your favorite songs might not be the same as your wife’s favorite songs). To request playing Favorite Songs randomly, on the Songbook app, go to the Favorite Category and select the Play button on the very first item called Random Play. Note that this is a new feature and requires Songbook App v2.16 or newer.

Selecting the Play button will randomly play 11 favorite songs

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 AI Upscaling

The long-waited Shield TV 2019 model released today, October 28, 2019. The 2019 model have the following that are most relevant when using it with TKaraokeUSB for karaoke purposes:

  • AI Upscaling of 720p and 1080p content to 4K
  • The all-new remote with accurate voice search, unlike the crappy old Shield Remote
  • Faster processor

So far I’m impressed with the Artificial Intelligence upscaling of the Shield TV 2019. The picture below illustrates what AI Scaling is all about.

Shield TV 2019 running on TKaraokeUSB
Left side of cursor is with Traditional Upscale and right side is with AI Upscale

New Songbook App

TKaraoke Songbook 2 (SB 2) is a completely redesigned songbook app for TKaraokeUSB, TKaraokePro2, TKaraoke Android, and TKaraoke Amazon. SB 2 is available for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Search Local songs on iPad
Search YouTube songs on iPad

4K YouTube playback in TKaraokeUSB

Starting with build 74 of TKaraokeUSB, YouTube songs will be played at the highest possible quality available for your connection (up to 4K video and typically 160 kbps audio). A demo video below also shows a sneak preview of our completely redesigned songbook app.

TKaraokeUSB on X32 Mixer

A recording of a real mini karaoke session. It was in a typical 2-car garage. Player: TKaraokeUSB, Mixer: Behringer X32, Speakers: Turbosound iQ12, Subwoofer: Turbosound iQ15B, Microphone: Sony M70. All effects are done on the X32 Mixer and TKaraokeUSB’s EQ feature. Audio is recorded using an iPhone.

Quick Scan Time

Even after a reboot, TKaraokeUSB can load up in 10 seconds even when you have large amount of songs like 87000 songs!