Playing Favorite Songs Randomly

Starting with TKaraokeUSB build 93, users can request to play their favorite songs randomly. Favorite songs Songbook -device-specific (i.e. your favorite songs might not be the same as your wife’s favorite songs). To request playing Favorite Songs randomly, on the Songbook app, go to the Favorite Category and select the Play button on the very first item called Random Play. Note that this is a new feature and requires Songbook App v2.16 or newer.

Selecting the Play button will randomly play 11 favorite songs

New Songbook App

TKaraoke Songbook 2 (SB 2) is a completely redesigned songbook app for TKaraokeUSB, TKaraokePro2, TKaraoke Android, and TKaraoke Amazon. SB 2 is available for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Search Local songs on iPad
Search YouTube songs on iPad

TKaraoke Songbook Site

The TKaraoke Songbook Site is a website that can control TKaraoke Free, TKaraokePro, and TKaraokePro2. Since it’s a web site, any device can use it including desktop computers, laptop computers, iPhones, Android Phones, iPad, and Android Tablets. The songbook site is located on

TKaraoke Songbook site running on an iPad