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Build 28 audio track issue

Long Hoang
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Build 28 is not picking up the forced audio track, for example with the start song default set to Track 2

1. If a song has been audio converted by TKT: Track 1 is set as Karaoke and Track 2 is Music, it will play the Track 2 Music not Track 1 Karaoke (if played straight from VLC, VLC will play the Track 2 Music since it's the forced track)


2. The above is not a TKT issue however, as I tried it on a song where the audio wasn't converted by TKT but set the same way (that is, Track 1 is Karaoke and Track 2 is Music (and Track 2 is forced) the same thing happens


3. If a song has Track 1 Music and Track 2 Karaoke, the audio plays correctly in TK


Cát Bụi
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Will be fix in the next build